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As Rolawn stockists, we supply their whole range of soil, mulch and fertiliser, which will suit any gardener’s requirements…


As Rolawn stockists, we supply their whole range of soil, mulch and fertiliser, to suit all your requirements…


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Soil, Mulch, Fertiliser

We supply a great range of soil, mulch and fertiliser from Rolawn, which will suit any gardener’s requirements for preparing and maintaining the highest quality garden. This includes Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, soil for planting vegetables and fruit, soil for seeding or turfing, mulch to improve the quality of your existing soil and topdressing for lawn maintenance.

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Rolawn Topdressing


This high quality, sand based, multi-purpose lawn dressing is designed for use on Rolawn lawns but equally suited to improve utility lawns. It helps enhance the lawn’s appearance, stimulate new grass growth, create a level surface, improve drainage & control thatch build up.


Bag size: 0.5m³

£140.00 inc VAT

Rolawn Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil


A purpose made, sandy topsoil incorporating Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, for use under new turf or sowing grass seed.

Bag size: 0.5m³


£95.00 inc VAT

Rolawn Vegetable & Fruit


Safe, rich in organic matter, friable and consistent, Rolawn Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil is screened and peat free.

Bag size: 0.5m³


£95.00 inc VAT

Rolawn Beds & Borders


High-quality, organic rich topsoil with added controlled release fertiliser to aid plant growth, and water retentive polymer for improved water efficiency.

Bag size: 0.5m³

£95.00 inc VAT

Rolawn Soil Improver


Rolawn Soil Improver is a natural, peat free soil conditioner/improver. It is highly fertile and will improve soil structure, which will enhance the soil’s drainage characteristics and air and water holding capabilities, all of which will result in healthier plant growth.

Bag size: 0.5m³


£95.00 inc VAT

GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser


A slow release pre-turfing and seeding fertiliser that feeds turf and grass seed from the roots up. Can also be used to feed an existing lawn.

Bag size approx. 5kg.


£36.00 inc VAT

Medallion® Premium Lawn Seed


Rolawn Medallion Premium Lawn seed is the same seed used to produce Rolawn’s award-winning Medallion Turf. The seed mix is a superior ryegrass/fescue blend of the most advanced cultivars available. Selected for rapid lawn establishment, giving high wear resistance, drought & shade tolerance and excellent colour all year round.

Size: 1.5kg box

Coverage: New lawns approx. 43m², overseeding approx. 66m²

£29.00 inc VAT

20kg bag available at £169.00 no VAT


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